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Pictures: Australia and China Under-19 Women in Soccer Brawl

Posted by 5nil on August 4, 2009

An fiercely contested AFC Women’s Under-19 Championship soccer match between hosts China and Australia ended with a mass brawl earlier today.

According to sportal.com.au:

…following the final whistle, an Australia player fell to the ground while remonstrating with the Chinese, prompting captain Tameka Butt to charge across the pitch and grab the perceived offender.

That sparked a mass brawl as both sets of players and backroom staff charged onto the pitch, with punches thrown.

Once order was restored, several plastic water bottles were thrown from the crowd in the direction of the Australian team – whose ages range from 15 to 19 – as they made their way down the tunnel with local police imploring fans to stop the behaviour.

China won the match 2-1 despite a late Australian appeal for a penalty.

Match Details
China PR 2 (Lou Jiahui 10’/42′)
Australia 1 (Kyah Simon 75′)
Hankou Sports Culture Stadium, Wuhan, China

Australia : Casey DUMONT (gk), Karina ROWETH, Rebecca KITING, Jessica SEAMAN, Elise KELLOND-KNIGHT, Teresa POLIAS, Marianna TABAIN (Nicola BOLGER 65′), Teigen ALLEN (Samantha KERR 53′), Tameka BUTT (c), Kyah SIMON, Angela FIMMANO (Ashleigh SYKES 45+2′)

Yellow cards: Angela Fimmano 41′, Ashleigh Sykes 63′
Red cards: Jessica Seaman 95′

Click on any of the images below to see larger versions of them.

No Responses Yet to “Pictures: Australia and China Under-19 Women in Soccer Brawl”

  1. No Name said

    I have read different articles regarding this fact. The Australian were so rude. They kicked the Chinese goalkeeper just because they have lost the match. They should either talk to the referee or to FIFA should they have a complaint, instead of assaulting another team. That was why the crowd threw water bottles against them. Sham on them.

  2. Shin-Lee said

    Shame on you “No Name”, you obviously have no idea what happened.
    Where you there? Did you watch the game on TV? Did you see what happened to spark the brawl?

    Obviously not.
    You are simply defending the chinese team because you are chinese. Shame on your reverse racism.

    I was watching the game on internet TV.
    This is what happened.

    The brawl erupted just after the final whistle when Australian defender Jessica Seaman was sent off. An Australian player was felled to the ground by a Chinese player as the players were leaving the pitch. Tameka Butt, the captain, ran over to confront the chinese player who caused the incident before it escalated into an all in brawl. Notably male members of the chinese team where seen physically confronting the female Australian players. When is OK for men to be physical with a women?
    Predictably the chinese crowd disgraced themselves by throwing water bottles at the Australian team.

    Shame China.
    Shame No Name.

  3. No Name said

    I can not believe what have seen in regards to the soccer match between Australia and china. this is two teams that would have a large fan base of young soccer players and to behave like this is so wrong. I can now understand why an under 14 girls match (thankfully as a coach myself my under 14 girls have enough restraint) ended in a brawl. If they see the these teams doing it they to will think it is ok to behave in this manner. when will we get back to the days when football was played for the love of the game

  4. No Name said

    To the NO NAME above at #3. Well… Maybe next time I should call myself NO NAME 1, while other people calling themselves NO NAME 2 or 3 or 4… and so on. LOL.

  5. obyssey-chinese in Aus said

    well, I’m also from china, that’s why I can read both sides report in chinese and English about the brawl. Let’s see official penalty result first, $3000 on Jessica Seaman, $4000 on Aus Team, $2000 on Chn Team, $3000 on Chn FA for offensive behaviors of the crowd of chinese football fans.I will say both sides took what they deserved.As I know, Australia FA is complaining the cheif referee from india.
    Story background: Indian referee rejected two penalty kicks for Aussie team at 37′ and 88′(but I don’t think she took sides, it’s just her judgement), and presented a red card on Jessica Seaman for her offensive behavior on Chinese goalie. Well, Jassica deserved that card, but I agree, Chinese players were too fabian, which made the game ugly to watch, Chinese players even received cards for fabian. The real fight became when the game ended, there is a video on http://www.theoffside.com/world-football/chick-fight-the-footage.html(well, the best i can find, no clear shoot vedio release from CHN authority, sorry). After shaking hands, a accidental body contact(which I believe, you can pause it to check, I have no further quarrel if you insist it was an incident) happened when Chinese players were holding hands and arms together to thank the audience(the “remonstrating” mentioned in the article, I believe, was finished already). The next second, we all can see captain Tameka Butt rushed to fight, I don’t blame her, she might only see her mate fell and screamed for help. But I’m sure most members and coaches from both sides were just trying to stop the drama, including Aussie coach, he pushed Chinese girls away too, well, if you want to stop a fighting, you also need some “physically confront” to stop those furious fighters, you say?

  6. obyssey-chinese in Aus said

    One more thing, I saw more photos of the brawl, I will say Aussie girls are much stronger than those Chinese girls, and they did get all their advantage in the fighting, you don’t need to worry about they got ragged, they acctually showed much more aggressive than Those Chinese girls. Media picked photos to support their sayings. Found some more vedios in Youtube, but plz leave those rasism comments along, I think they were from some very mad guys. Well, I wish you might find out where Jessica got her revenge and bill to pay. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hv-zWJW4xj4&feature=related ; and part of the game: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CtkPDOj1pZE&feature=related ; have fun

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